Information related to driver behaviour.

RESEARCH - Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems

NCHRP logoThis report produced by the US Transportation Research Board's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) explores human factors principles and findings for consideration by highway designers and traffic engineers.

VIDEO - 1951 Traffic Safety Short: Courtesy

videoThis vintage black and white video deals with a subject that is probably needed even more so today, and that is driving courtesy. Why is it that we don't seem to learn and practice the obvious?

Driving Attitude

Exclamation"Haven't you got anything better to do?" This was a common response from drivers after being told that they had been stopped for a traffic rule infraction. "Why aren't you out catching real criminals?"

Help! I Need a Positive Topic!

Bumper StickerWhenever I discuss this column with people I end up telling them that I never run out of topics to write about. All I have to do is go for a drive and keep my eyes open. Someone will do something noteworthy and I'll have the next column idea.

READING - IIHS Status Report, March 2010

IIHS LogoThe ban on cell phones while driving in some US states has not resulted in the expected reduction in collision frequency. There is technology available to block cell phone use when the phone is moving at speeds over 15 mph, but it is not widely used. It could benefit teens as their cell phone use is widespread, even in risky driving circumstances.

Q&A - Vehicle Noise, Speeding and Lack of Effective Policing

Q&A imageA large majority of drivers have simply forgot about traffic laws, safety and respect for others. Daily, one can see many drivers traveling at 20-50 km/hr faster then the posted speed limits. The problem is so bad that some of us residents have formed a Concerned Residents Committee to help us voice our concerns for a solution to this on-going problem.

Q&A - Too Many Points

Q&A imageBeing a young person I don't have the best driving record I have 13 points in the last 5 years couple of speeding tickets a failure to signal and a no drivers license (I had a license but it wasn't on me it was at home). So after 2 speeding tickets in the last 2 years I got rid of the motorcycle and the fast car and grew up.

RESEARCH - Distracted Drivers in School Zones

Safe Kids USA logoSafe Kids USA has released a report that explores the extent to which drivers are engaging in other activities while traveling through school zones. It is very likely that the observations made in this report are representative of distracted driving behaviours that occur in BC school zones as well.

READING - Evaluation of Retroreflective Material on Stop Sign Posts

VTRC LogoThe Virginia Transportation Research Council looked at the addition of reflective stripes to the posts holding up stops signs and then studied driver behaviour. They found that the signs were easier to see in the daylight if the post did not have the stripe installed. The opposite was true at night.

Parallel Parking and the Impatient Driver

Parallel ParkingI've noticed recently that often drivers are impatient of people parallel parking and pass them on the left rather than waiting in the right hand lane for the driver to finish parking before moving forward. In the event of a collision who is at fault - the person parallel parking or the person trying to go around the parallel parking car?

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