Information related to driver behaviour.

RESEARCH - Parents (and Other Adults) as Teachers of Traffic Safety

Pedestrians Hold HandsHow did you influence your children to be safe road users? This research report by the British Department for Transport looks at how parents and other adults influence youth between birth and 16 years of age. While these adults see themselves as being responsible, the most common pedestrian tactic is to hold the child's hand.

If You Can't See, You Can't Go!

Dangerous Intersection SignA reader writes to me describing an intersection where collisions occur regularly, some resulting in fatalities. He has observed that the opposing left turn lanes in one direction don't line up directly across from each other but are offset by a few feet.

Are You a Courteous Driver?

Angel'Tis the season of peace on earth and goodwill toward man, that is until you hit the highway. Here it seems to range anywhere from "I get mine first" to "Oh, I didn't realize that I could have done that to make it easier for someone else."

RESEARCH - Effectiveness of Behavioral Highway Safety Countermeasures

NCHRP LogoA significant part of highway safety program activities is devoted to behavioral countermeasures. These include the entire driver control system—from training and licensing to laws and enforcement and sometimes culminating in fines and sanctions. Given the enormous cost of crashes and the importance of driver behavior in highway loss reduction, it is important that behavioral countermeasures be implemented as effectively as possible.

RESEARCH - How Risky Is It?

This report presents the results of a research project funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The primary aim of the study was to increase the understanding of the relative risks associated with particular driving behaviors.

Watching from the Right Lane

Acceleration LaneI'm sure that you have already determined that if I don't write this column based on reader requests, I write about something that I have seen happen around me in traffic. This column is no different, and it is about a behaviour that struck me when I was using the freeway in Vancouver recently.

How Long do I...?

StopwatchDiscussions with readers over last weeks column raised an interesting point. I usually talk about it in relation to using a signal light, but it applies equally well to many other areas such as following distances or why the speed limit might seem low on what appears to be a straight road.

RESEARCH - Tailgating

Follow too CloselyThe Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide, Australia, has released a report that explores the role of tailgating in rear end crashes and examines potential measures to counter tailgating.

Go Green, Go Safe!

Go GreenOuch! Between my trip to work this morning and arriving back at home for dinner gas prices rose by six cents a litre. There are many strategies that you can employ to minimize the hard earned cash that you spend on fuel costs. Who knew that following them might have the additional benefit of contributing to traffic safety?

Chill Out!

Road Rage

Ah, the Christmas driving spirit is manifesting itself everywhere. I was sitting in a mall parking lot waiting for my wife and whiling away the time by watching what was going on in the vehicles around me. It was not a happy time of year for the occupants of some of them!

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