Q&A - Proper Position for Left Turns?

Q&A ImageI have a question about where to position my vehicle when making a left turn at an (big) intersection with a light. I have always entered the intersection (stopping somewhat before halfway through), then waited (with my signal on) to proceed safely and make the turn. I have noticed that other drivers wait at the limit line and do not (are barely) enter the intersection.

The latter strategy, of course, implies the driver cannot proceed and complete the turn when the light turns yellow and red. This seems like a fundamental point but I cannot find any information on the proper procedure.

Can you clarify and show me the documentation that covers this issue?

Learn to Drive Smart has a number of illustrations of vehicle positioning and lane use for left turns starting on page 50 of chapter 4. The Tuning Up Guide has step by step instructions for making a left turn starting on page 35 of session 5. It continues at page 82 of session 14 and this is where you find your answer about pulling into the intersection on the green and waiting patiently to turn left.