POLL - Low Confidence in Other Drivers

Question MarkSome days are better than others, but I met more than the usual number of bad drivers on my last one. Tailgaters, speeders and drivers who insisted on changing lanes into the space directly in front of me were well represented. Apparently I'm not alone in my experiences as a ResearchCo poll found that just under half of Canadians dread their local drivers.

The survey tracked 6 criteria:

  1. Not signalling turns
  2. Taking up two spaces in a parking lot
  3. Not stopping at an intersection
  4. Being involved in a close call
  5. Not seeing illegal behaviour or poor driving in the month prior to the survey
  6. Having the impression that a specific group of people who are worse than others

Over all, people surveyed in British Columbia suggested that 7% of respondents to the poll thought that drivers had improved, 32% found no change, 57% said worse and 4% were not sure.

The poll data is from September 2022.