CASE LAW - R v David

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case was sparked by a driver who felt that he was entitled to be next in line at a Tim Horton's drive through in Mill Bay, B.C. He attempted to assert his place by bumping the tire of the pickup truck he felt that he should be in front of. Giving way because of the size difference, this man caught up to the pickup on the highway after they had exited the drive through. He pulled in front of it and braked suddenly several times, finally coming to a stop in the curb lane. He exited his car with a hammer and began to curse and beat on the truck. A passing motorist noted the incident and recorded the car's licence plate number.

The registered owner of the suspect vehicle attempted to ignore the attempts by police to investigate the incident. After some time, Crystalina David was located, interviewed and issued a violation ticket for three offences as the registered owner of the vehicle. She retained counsel and disputed the ticket. The Judicial Justice found her guilty of driving without due care and attention as well as leaving the scene of an accident. The count of following too closely was dismissed. The fines totalled $736.



I'm impressed.

Impressed by the diligence of the RCMP in the way they tackled this case, as well as by the inescapable logic of the judgment.

Oh, and kudos to the witness who took the time to note the license plate number (more or less) without whom the outcome probably wouldn't have been as likely.

Me, I keep a mallet in my vehicle, for checking dual-tire inflation on buses and trucks during Pre-Trip inspections; but I don't generally go hitting other vehicles with it; that would be uncouth, in my opinion.

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