REPORT - Intersection Safety Camera Statistics 2022

intersection camera warning signRoadSafetyBC has released an annual report on Intersection Safety Cameras (ISC) for 2022. The ISC program operates 140 digital cameras installed at high-risk intersections throughout BC to enforce red light running offences. 35 of these cameras also enforce speeding offences.

During 2022 74,771 red light and 42,618 speeding tickets were issued as a result of intersection safety cameras. Violation data by location is available for download in .xlsx format.

In 2022, the highest ISC speeding ticket issued:
  • In a 30 km/h zone: 95 km/h (65 km/h over limit)
  • In a 50 km/h zone: 153 km/h (103 km/h over limit)
  • In a 60 km/h zone: 171 km/h (111 km/h over limit)
  • In a 70 km/h zone: 146 km/h (76 km/h over limit)
  • In an 80 km/h zone: 156 km/h (76 km/h over limit)

Don't worry if you're a N driver in Daddy's Lamborghini!

The ticket goes to the owner, and neither police forces nor ICBC give a damn about the offence, or they would make nomination mandatory.

In reasonable countries, such as Australia, there has to be a driver for every offence, with Penalty Points applied.