Automated Enforcement

Articles related to red light cameras and automated speed enforcement.

CASE LAW - R v Vershinin

BC Courts Coat of ArmsAdrian Vershinin was issued an Intersection Safety Camera ticket for speeding. He disputed the ticket and a trial was held in the North Vancouver provincial court before Administrative Judicial Justice Hayes. Mr. Vershinin argued that the image of the B.C. flag on the licence plate was too indistinct to allow the enforcement officer to determine that it was a B.C. licence plate.

VIDEO - How Do Red Light Cameras Know When to Take a Picture?

VideoHere is another video from Road Guy Rob who explains about how red light cameras know when to take a picture of a red light runner. It explains how engineers build a camera system that takes pictures of vehicles that don't stop when they must. Called Intersection Safety Cameras in British Columbia, there are currently 140 of them installed at intersections with a high crash risk from red light runners.

Q&A - Will Automated Licence Plate Recognition Identify the Principal Driver?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I lost my license so I added a new principal driver to my insurance. He has a valid license and he will be driving my car for the time I'm suspended. Will my licence plate still be flagged if they are scanned by automated license plate recognition (ALPR)? I don't want us getting pulled over all the time while driving my daughter back and forth from school.

Nominate the Driver

pointing fingerThe state of New South Wales, Australia has just tightened their rules on intersection safety camera violations. Companies were not nominating the drivers of their vehicles who were responsible for the violations as that state requires. This amounted to approximately 7,000 events that drivers were not held accountable for.

ANALYSIS - Intersection Safety Cameras

intersection safety camera signLove 'em or hate 'em, intersection safety cameras that measure vehicle speed along with red light violations are part of the solution to reduce crashes on BC highways. Dr. Werner Antweiler of UBC's Sauder School of Business has written an analysis of "speed on green" cameras. He quotes Professor Richard Allsop's report from research conducted in Great Britain: