RESEARCH - Bad Drivers Don't Think They're Bad

Road RageResearch led by Dr. Thomas Brown of McGill University in Montreal suggests that "surprisingly, these drivers usually don't consider themselves as risk takers. If drivers don't believe they are risky, they will not accept the need to change. On the other hand, if we and they don't understand their behavior, how can they be expected to change it effectively?" Reported in ars technica, the study compared four groups of 19 to 39 year old male drivers and concludes that the risky driving preference appears to be a useful marker for clarifying explanatory pathways to risky driving, and for research into developing more personalized prevention efforts.



bad drivers

Interesting take on high risk drivers.Motivation. Bring back Photo radar so that there is some motivation to drive less than 45KPH over the 80KPH limit on the Malahat.

Interesting  that the RCMP IRU tows many vehicles on every campaign, but people continue to excessively speed. Why? Because the police presence is an unaffordable low priority. Therefore the  need for electronic montoring., to motivate those who take excessive risks-then blame the road when an accident happens.  

Guarantee a ticket for excessive speed and most excessive speeders will slow down or be suspended from driving.

Photo rader or other technology is not about breathing easier or reducing effeciency for business, or a cash grab-it is about preventing fatal accidents.

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