CASE LAW - Henderson v McGregor

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case involves an instance of road rage involving two drivers, Michael Henderson and Jacqueline McGregor on Highway 99 near the George Massey Tunnel in the Lower Mainland. At the conclusion of the trial, Mr. Justice Walker found that Ms. McGregor had committed an unprovoked assault on Mr. Henderson and assessed almost $35,000 in damages.

Mr. Henderson had stopped his vehicle as traffic congestion prevented him from merging to the left. Ms. McGregor was following him very closely, honking her horn and using a cell phone. Mr. Henderson was concerned that Ms. McGregor had struck his vehicle and got out to look. When Ms. McGregor rolled her window down he approached her and admonished her for driving and using a cell phone. She struck him in the face, injuring  his eye and causing him to lose his glasses.

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