CASE LAW - Kringhaug v Men

BC Courts Coat of ArmsKristen Kringhaug was standing in the driveway of her townhouse complex supervising four children ranging in age from two to four years old while they rode their bicycles. Li Men drove into the complex at low speed, prompting Ms. Kringhaug to begin to shepherd the children off of the driveway onto the grass shoulder. The two year old stopped and did not move off of the driveway, so Ms. Kringhaug began to walk toward and protect him with her back to the oncoming vehicle.

As Ms. Men approached, she was blinded by sunlight coming directly into her eyes. This was confirmed by her vehicle's dash camera. Unfortunately, despite being unable to see, Ms. Men continued to drive forward and struck Ms. Kringhaug, who was injured.

Of interest in this case is the examination of the law requiring that a driver must have an unobstructed view to the front and sides of their vehicle. Ms. Li did not, so she was found to have not takem reasonable precautions or keep a proper lookout when she continued driving forward.

She was held entirely responsible for the collision with Ms. Kringhaug.


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