CASE LAW - R v Cool

BC Courts Coat of ArmsEmperatriz Cool was stopped in Richmond, B.C. for the offence of using an electronic device while driving. Cst. Schmidt had obtained her driver's licence after speaking with her and then issued a violation ticket. She disputed the ticket, making a no evidence motion at the close of Crown's case. She suggested that Cst. Schmidt had failed to properly identify her as the driver.

The traffic court justice disagreed and confirmed the violation ticket.

Ms. Cool appealed the conviction to the Supreme Court. Madam Justice Iyer referenced two cases, R v Nicholson and R v Coric before dismissing the appeal.



waste of time

I really hate selfish people that don't take responsibility for their actions and feel the need to waste the courts time with this type of action.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Although we must have a fair judicial system, it's ridiculous when something like this wastes the court's time.

Makes you wish that an additional penalty could be applied, as many who take things to court are simply hoping the cop might not show up.

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