CASE LAW - R v Kaiser

BC Courts Coat of ArmsRichard Kaiser was ticketed for failing to slow while passing a police car while that car’s emergency lights were activated. He disputed that ticket on two grounds, the regulation offended the Charter by being too vague and that the officer was merely making notes concerning a previous violator at the time and so had entrapped Mr. Kaiser. Judge Takahashi convicted Mr. Kaiser.

This case took place in B.C. Supreme Court where Mr. Kaiser appealed his conviction. Here he argued that the learned trial judge’s reasons for judgment are too brief to permit meaningful appellate review and that the learned trial judge erred in his definition of the meaning of discharge of a peace officer’s duties. Mr. Justice Rogers did not accept the arguments and dismissed the appeal.


... the guy deserves whatever he got.

If there are red - or red and blue - flashing lights showing, then the only sensible thing to do (apart from the legal requirements) is to slow down and allow some space.

If you don't have the patience for this, you probably don't deserve to be sharing the road with the rest of us.