CASE LAW - R v Rock

BC Courts Coat of ArmsKurtis William Rock was an 18 year old who spent the day drinking beer in the park with friends. At the conclusion of the drinking session he loaded two minors in his mother's Buick Rendezvous and entered traffic in the City of Vancouver. With a blood alcohol level of about double the limit and speeds reaching 120 km/h he lost control of the vehicle, struck and killed two pedestrians and injured a passenger in the vehicle. Rock then exited the vehicle and ran away from the scene.

He was apprehended by a police dog and ultimately entered a guilty plea to 2 counts of dangerous driving causing death and 2 counts of failing to remain at the scene of an accident. This is the rationale supplied by Judge Kitchen in sentencing Mr. Rock to 4 years concurrent on the dangerous driving charges and 1 year concurrent on the hit and run charges, but to be served consecutively with the dangerous driving sentence.

He is to receive 2 years credit for the 10 1/2 months served while awaiting trial. In addition, he is prohibited from driving in Canada for 10 years.