Driving with Collision Damage

car being towedYou’ve been involved in a fender bender and now your vehicle is damaged. The headlight is pointing at the sky, the signal light is missing and the bumper had to be removed so that the tire has room to steer. The appointment with an insurance adjuster is pending, and you can’t even think about the body shop yet. Can you just keep driving until the vehicle is repaired?

Strictly speaking, the answer is no. Division 2.02 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations applies to a vehicle on a highway that ceases to be properly equipped as required by the Act or Regulations as a result of collision or breakdown. The vehicle must be removed from the highway forthwith and may only be removed or taken to a place of repair by a tow truck or other vehicle capable of safely carrying out the movement.

The tow truck may move a vehicle that is not properly equipped if the driver takes reasonable precaution for the safety of other traffic.

If you prefer to remove the vehicle yourself, you would have to turn it into cargo by loading it onto a trailer or flatdeck. Using a towing dolly or other device such as a tow bar or chain would amount to operating the vehicle on a highway. Operation requires that the vehicle be properly equipped in all respects.

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I have bought a car which has been in an accident, and the RH front fender was torn almost completely off. The owner completely removed it, except for the little bit at the front where the marker light is. The inner fender is still in place, so it is only cosmetics at this point. Is that still legal to drive home?

Schedule to Division 7 MVAR

No part of a vehicle may have a sharp or ragged edge which could injure persons or objects.

That's about the only thing that comes to mind on a Sunday night....

I didn’t have the cajones to drive it.

at the end of the day, I was too embarrassed to drive it around without a fender. I want it to be a head turner, just not that way.

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