Q&A - Sending Photos of Dangerous Drivers to ICBC

Q&A ImageHighway 33, from above Big White turn off to Beaverdale is getting very dangerous. Travelling either way, cars are waiting too long to pass, and end up returning to their lane on double solid lines, just prior to a corner, and often on the curve of the corner. Anyone coming the other way would have no chance of avoiding a head on collision.

Far to many pass on a solid line, these are the worst offences I see, as well as speeding.

Many vehicles are driving on the center line, dangerous!

I've been tempted to have a passenger take photos of these incidents, and send them to I.C.B.C., would it do any good?

ICBC does play a role in safe driving, but not an enforcement role. Sending them photos of dangerous driving behaviour will not enable them to take any action against the driver or vehicle owner of non-commercial vehicles. I may be incorrect, but I understand that they may be justified in withdrawing fleet insurance discounts based on proof of failing to follow safe driving practices. You would have to ask them to verify this however.

If you really wanted something to be done, those photos should go to the police instead, along with your resolution to participate in dealing with these drivers. There is more information in the article Making a Driving Complaint to the Police.