Skateboarders in Traffic

SkateboardA teen stepped off of the sidewalk as I approached, hopped onto his skateboard and began to weave slightly along the curb in front of my vehicle. He either trusted me with his life or had not given much thought to his own as he was far enough into the lane to be a hazard and had his back to overtaking traffic. I had to slow and crowd the center lane to get by.

Whether by oversight or design, our Motor Vehicle Act has chosen not to regulate skateboarders or roller skaters / bladers at all. They fit the definition of cycle but are specifically excluded from the definition. Since these people are not pedestrians either, no action can be taken against them under the Motor Vehicle Act for unsafe behaviour.

The Act does give municipalities the power to regulate skateboarders and other similar means of wheeled transportation. Municipalities that do choose to do so generally create rules for them under their traffic bylaws. A quick survey of those who post their bylaws on line finds everything from no rules, to not riding them on the sidewalk, to banning them completely from roads and sidewalks.

Regardless of whether he was supposed to be there or not, it is wise to drive with significant care when approaching and passing. If you do not and a collision results, the courts can hold you as the driver partially responsible. You always have a duty to exercise caution for both others and yourself.

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Relevent and interesting as usual, and a real sore point for most drivers.

Not to mention the wheeled surf boards used on city streets on long downhill runs.

As these people gain their street experience on these devices for sometimes years, it would be inciteful to follow their driving
infraction history once they graduate to motor vehicles.

Please leave skateboarders alone..I think the real problem on our roads is too many cars..Im 35 ..Ive skateboarded as my only method of trasportation for 23 yrs now..When u step on a skateboard you have chosen to take your life in your hands ..If I get hit its my fault and I accept that....The last thing I need is advice from someone who has never ridden a board..and Btw helmets are not needed for skatebording..In my 23 yrs Its wrists and ankles, anyways..retired traffic cops should stick to golf and stop finding ways to keep people from using cars I pay my taxes too!!!!!!!!!!I mean how many car vs. skateboarding fatalities are we talking about here anyways