PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Smoked Rear Lenses

cameraHere is another example of obstructed lamps. The owner of this vehicle has coated the inside of the rear lenses on this vehicle with a translucent black spray coating that makes the lens appear dark or black. It also limits the light output, making them less or ineffective depending on the lighting conditions and the amount of coating used. The spray cannot be removed so once the driver has been dealt with by police, it will mean replacement of the lenses in addition to a ticket or vehicle inspection order.

obstructed lights and reflectors

Compare the lens on this vehicle with that of the one parked in the background on the right.

General maintenance

4.04 (2) Lamps and reflectors required by this Division

(c) must not be shielded, covered or obscured by any part of the vehicle or load or by dirt or other material.

I have noticed many of those jacked up pick-ups with these lenses. I don't understand why these same pick-ups are allowed to run up and down the highways with no splash guards, no fender flares, headlights because of there height set to high, and light bars mounted above the headlights with these lights having no covers over them. They are illegal but still you see plenty of them around.