Q&A - Impound Refund if Found Not Guilty?

Q&A ImageMy son was given a ticket for excess speed on Zero avenue. He received a cancelation notice and then was reserved by the same RCMP that staked out our house. If he beats the ticket in court, can he claim back the impound fees?

I received the following information from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles:

In order to protect the privacy of drivers, we are unable to address enquiries about individual driver files via email. However, we’ve included some general information which may help answer your question.

Vehicle impoundment which occurs at the roadside is an administrative process, and cannot be revoked as a result of a successful dispute of a traffic violation ticket. The vehicle impoundment remains valid, and all related costs are the responsibility of the driver or vehicle owner.

If a driver successfully disputes a traffic violation ticket in court, the record of this violation is removed from a driver’s licence history.

To request an administrative review of a vehicle impoundment, an individual must do so within 15 days from the date of an impoundment. Reviews of impounded vehicles are permitted if the period of impoundment is for more than seven days. You can read more about the Vehicle Impoundment Program on the OSMV website.