PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Tires Too Wide for Vehicle Body

cameraHere is an example of tires that are too wide for the body of this pickup.

Section 7.06 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations requires that every vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer not constructed so that the spray and splash of water and mud to the rear of the vehicle is minimized shall be equipped with mudguards and, if necessary, mudflaps.

The Schedule to Division 7 in paragraph 12 states that a vehicle must be equipped with mudflaps or mudguards as required by section 7.06 of the regulations, which shall not be damaged or worn to the extent they are not effective.

The mudguards on this pickup are insufficient as the tread surface of the tire is visible outside of them when sighting along the side of the vehicle.

Wide Tires

And I bet the driver of this vehicle was extremely po'd when he got a ticket for something that he thought to be extremely petty.

This set up would be throwing rocks ups to no end.
What could you do if the driver of this vehicle caused your windshield to be damaged?

Fine these bastards, collect the fines into a real victim surcharge pool, and compensate chip repairs through the dedicated shops. Sick of replacing windshields, headlights and fog lights because these monster trucks equipped for tundra, run 95% of their time on the highway, refuse to fix or replace their mud guards in the winter.

This should not be, truckers who drive professionally have to meet the requirements by Motor Vehicles, it is about time a stop is put to these jacked up vehicles with wide tires, no mud flaps nor fender flares. Not to mention their headlights are above the legal height from the ground. There are many of these raised suspension vehicles that where the changes where made in a back yard garage and there has been no vehicle inspection done, why is this?

I think more of us should take down the make, model and license number and turn these over to the RCMP and then they should have to follow up on the complaint and do what ever it is to make this stop. Many of these vehicles are not safe on the roads and highways.