NEWS - Commercial Trucks Confined to Right Lanes

TranBC logoEffective this week, heavy commercial vehicles will be forbidden to use the leftmost lane on the Coquihalla Highway between Box Canyon and Zopkios. Aimed at keeping "spun out" trucks on the right side of the highway and the left lane clear for snow removal equipment and tow trucks. If this pilot program produces the hoped for outcome it may be extended to other routes in the interior of the province.

No Trucks Left Lane

When marked by signs commercial vehicle operators who fail to obey may be ticketed for disobeying a traffic control device.

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In the UK, and I believe most of Europe, the trucks aren't allowed into the fast lane anytime.

Only makes sense, particularly when you consider their mass and momentum. Of course, the Coq only has triple lanes when there's an added slow lane on the upgrades, whereas the european motorways, autoroutes, etc are generally triple laned.

Would like to see this implemented here on Vancouver Island on the Island Highway, Victoria to Campbell River. Many heavy transport trucks are loaded and pass on the left lane doing well over the speed limit. All heavy trucks (gravel trucks with pup trailers, logging trucks and transport trucks) should also have to stay within the speed limit as well. We really need a highway partrol division in this province, not just for trucks, automobiles and motorcycles too.

I think it makes sense,but only for 3 lane or more situations.California has had that rule for many years for the whole state,and it is strictly enforced.

As it happens, I was recently driving between Pheonix and Sedona, a town that's pretty much a mile high. Great highway, though too many left-lane blockers.

But although they didn't triple lane the severe gradients, the signage prohibited trucks in the sections with the steepest gradients - both uphill and downhill, as they should (you should try to come off the mountain in the same gear you needed to get up it). Let's face it, trucks don't belong in the hammer lane and they should legislate this.  

Just last weekend going through Rogers Pass two truckers decided to have a drag race up the hills. The driver that pulled out to pass before the passing lane even started never did get by. So seven cars were stuck behind in the first. By the second probably a dozen. I got by just after the third passing lane and you could not see the end of the line.

What bothers me in situations like this if you do pass you have to take both trucks at the same time as they do not leave enough space between them to even get a car in.

Of course some will say that I should be content to stay behind even when we are doing 35 - 40 K below the speedlimit on bare dry pavement on flat stretches. We won't discuss the speed we were doing on the uphill sections.