VIDEO - What Should An Electric Car Sound Like?

VideoElectric cars are extremely quiet, offering some welcome silence in our cities. But they also bring new dangers, since they can easily sneak up on unsuspecting pedestrians. What kind of sounds should they make to keep people safe? Get a preview of what the future may sound like as acoustic engineer and musician Renzo Vitale shows how he's composing a voice for electric cars.

This talk is based on a faulty premise. As someone who drives an electric car sometimes and a gasoline powered car sometimes, I do not see any need for electric cars specifically to automatically emit extra sound at low speeds. Driving at low speed in a large mall parking lot is the much the same experience in either. Pedestrians wandering around in the lot typically do not hear either type. Todays small gasoline powered cars emit little noise when moving at low speed, and such sound is often masked by ambient noise from adjacent higher speed roads. If it is considered necessary for cars to make extra noise when travelling at low speed, the regulation should be applied to all cars regardless of how they are powered.