NEWS - B.C.'s Active Transportation Strategy

New BC LogoThe Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure has announced proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) that would allow alternative types of transport such as Segways, e-scooters and electric unicycles to be used legally. Under Infrastructure Amendments in Bill 35-2019 a new category of vehicle is contemplated: regulated motorized personal mobility device.

People using these devices will be considered to be pedestrians for the purposes of the MVA.

The announcement includes a link to B.C.'s Active Transportation Strategy: Move, Commute, Connect.

The Active Transportation Design Guide is a companion document that identifies how these devices fit into our transportation infrastructure. Your feedback on it is also welcomed.



This stuff pisses me off. I couldn't help myself Tim. I had to write. I'm off to bed now, I promise. And if you want to post any of this, remember, I'm "Mr. X".

A walking. "Ped", means feet. I have just deleted a 3 paragraph explanation of the physics and dynamics which are in place, which allow us the wondrous action we call "walking". We all do it, so let's get past how we do it. If you are walking, you are a pedestrian. Any questions?

Put wheels under them, then you aren't walking anymore. Plain and simple. If you are sitting on your arse, of standing on a board, you ain't walking, especially if wheels are involved. Surfers aren't walking, snowboarders aren't walking, and they sure as hell aren't pedestrians.  

Add a motor to drive those wheels, now you are riding on a motorized, wheeled, vehicle. You ain't "walking" are "riding", on something that isn't even powered by your feet. If it's a bike, it's now a "motorbike". If it's got 4 wheels, and you pedal it, it's a "pedal car"....add a motor, it's now a motorcar. I can't believe that the government has not tripped over itself in regulating and licensing these things. I mean, that's what governments do best, right?

I feel foolish even writing this. And why should I care? Again, I have deleted a multi paragraph diatribe, because this is not the forum for those opinions. Too bad, it was a good one.

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