OOPS! - Elephant's Feet and Crosswalks

elephants feet crosswalkMany people think that you cannot ride your bicycle in a marked crosswalk. This is a holdover from the past and is no longer always the case. Today crosswalks that cyclists are allowed to ride across may also be marked with "elephant's feet," a line of squares on the outside of each solid line that forms the crosswalk.

As the law sits right now, the Motor Vehicle Act is sadly out of date when it comes to recent cycling provisions being used in some municipalities. A review is underway but it may be some time before the Act is rewritten to bring it up to date. Until then, it will be difficult for us all to know what to do when a new highway feature presents itself during our travels. My best advice is that if you are not sure, exercise even more caution than you would otherwise.



bikes in Crosswalks

There are none of those elephant cross walks in the Comox Valley. However, after the rash of serious injuries and deaths in Crosswalks in the area, it has been encouraging to  recently observe several cyclists dismount and walk their bikes across the road in the crosswalk.

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