Q&A - Bicycles & Lane Use Signs

Q&A ImageEastbound on Point Grey at Alma there are two bike lanes on the north side of the street that are allowed to cross Alma without stopping. Cars eastbound on Point Grey must turn either right or left, and there is a curb/diverter on the far side to prevent them going straight through. Cars northbound on Alma face a stop sign, and one option is to turn right through the diverter. On the diverter is a sign for Eastbound traffic, "no straight ahead except for bicycles".

My question is, can a cyclist, eastbound on Point Grey but not in the bike lanes, go straight across the intersection by going around the diverter on the right?



This is just like any other intersection with a right turning lane on the cross street, save for the fact that the through lanes are not 3.6m wide to accomodate motor vehicles.  Using the through lane on the left when you are cycling is the correct action.

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