RESEARCH - The Battle for Attention

IAM LogoThe Institute of Advanced Motorists is a UK charity dedicated to improving standards and safety in driving, motorcycling and cycling. This 24 page report summarises recent research and knowledge from scientific studies about distracted driving. It also defines what it means to be ‘distracted’ when driving, discusses the impact of distraction on driver behaviour and safety, and what can be done to reduce distracted driving.

The focus of distraction discussed here relates to how drivers engage with technology when driving.



A disembodied voice

This paper on coginitive distraction is also very informative.

"The cognitive distraction from paying attention to conversation – from listening and responding to a disembodied voice – contributes to numerous driving impairments."

In other words, a driver is cognitively impaired regardless of whether talking on either a hand-held or a hands-free phone.

Author of "Letters to a Driving Nation: Exploring the Conflict between Drivers and Cyclists."

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