Motorcycle Driver's Licence Restrictions

BC Driver's LicenceDriver's licence restrictions are used to restrict the operation of motor vehicles until the driver gains sufficient experience in their operation to have them removed. They are also used in the case of a medical condition or functional deficit. Restrictions may be imposed by either RoadSafetyBC or ICBC depending on the situation.

Ignoring Licence Restrictions is Not Unusual

One incident that I investigated that is a common example of ignoring restrictions was an off road left collision involving a learner driver on a motorcycle. He was restricted to having an instructor aged 25+ and operating at a speed of no more than 60 km/h. The instructor was 21 and explained that they couldn't have been doing more than 70 in the 60 zone before the crash.

Special Restrictions for Motorcyclists

Learning to ride a motorcycle properly may be more dangerous than learning to drive a car. The rider is not as well protected as a driver and there are challenges learning to steer and in maintaining stability. Initial passenger and speed limitations are designed to introduce these challenges to the rider to reduce the danger involved in learning.

Here is a table of restrictions specifically for motorcycle riders holding British Columbia driver's licences:

Code Description
10 Operation of motorcycle allowed between sunrise and sunset only No passengers permitted on motorcycle
11 Operation of motorcycle permitted only while under the direct supervision of an adult who holds a valid Class 6 driver’s licence Maximum speed of 60 km/h
12 Restricted to daylight hours only
13 Class 6 or 8 not permitted to carry passengers
24 Class 6 or 8 restricted to motor scooters
38 Operation of motorcycle permitted only while under direct supervision of an adult age 25+ who holds a valid class 6 driver's licence Speed 60 km/h maximum
45 No operation of motor vehicle with alcohol in body Must clearly display "L" sign and must not use electronic devices.
46 No operation of motor vehicle with alcohol in body Must clearly display "N" sign and must not use electronic devices.
51 Variable according to the situation. An example might be: Class 6 restricted to motorcycle with sidecar

Removal of Restrictions

Restrictions on Class 7 and 8 licences are typically removed by ICBC as the GLP driver successfully completes testing to move toward holding a Class 6 full privilege licence.

Restrictions for medical or functional deficits are removed by RoadSafetyBC.

Driving Contrary to Restrictions

In all cases, unless the driver can comply with the restrictions, police action may include a violation ticket for the offence under section 25(15) MVA or 30.10(4) MVAR. The penalty is $109 and may also include 3 penalty points. The rider will also be prevented from continuing until the restrictions are complied with or a qualified driver can take over.