Motorcycle Driver's Licence Restrictions

BC Driver's LicenceThis week must be disobey restriction week for learner motorcycle riders. I attended an off road left collision involving a learner driver on a motorcycle. He was restricted to having an instructor aged 25+ and a speed of no more than 60 km/h. The instructor was 21 and explained that they couldn't have been doing more than 70 in the 60 zone before the crash.

I also received an inquiry through our web site from a concerned parent. The son had been operating a limited speed motorcycle on the highway and had received a ticket for doing so. The parent had been advised that a valid B.C. driver's licence of any class was sufficient to operate these motorcycles. If that was the case, why had the youth been ticketed? The son had a valid class 7L learner driver's licence.

This type of licence is sufficient so another exchange of information took place. Had the son been charged for driving contrary to a licence restriction rather than being charged for driving without a valid driver's licence? It does not matter what type of vehicle the driver is operating, the restrictions stated on the licence must be followed without fail.

I never did receive a reply, so I am assuming that this was the case and the question had been answered to the parent's satisfaction.

Common driver's licence restrictions for drivers that are not learners or novices may include such things as permission to operate airbrake equipped vehicles, that the driver must use corrective lenses when driving, or only vehicles with automatic transmissions may be driven.

In all cases, unless the driver can comply with the restrictions, police action may include a violation ticket for the offence, and must include preventing the driver from continuing until the restrictions are complied with or a qualified driver can take over. If there are restrictions listed on the back of your driver's licence, unless you can convince ICBC to issue a licence without them, you have no legal alternative but to comply.


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