Q&A - Can Dad Drive in the US?

older driver and carMy 89 years old father voluntarily restricted his driving license, after an at fault single vehicle accident 5 years ago, to local driving only. While recently vacationing in Washington State he asked “can I drive here”. I wasn’t sure as lives in Lillooet B.C.  Unfortunately I didn’t look at his drivers license to check if he was restricted to 50 kmh. As I am writing this I wonder if he interpreted 50 kmh as local driving. I will be visiting him in the near future and will check his license. In the meantime I would appreciate your comments on this.



In British Columbia, it is an offence to operate a motor vehicle contrary to the conditions stated on your driver's licence.

25(15) A person who violates a requirement, restriction or condition prescribed under this section in respect of the person's driver's licence or who violates a restriction or condition stated in, endorsed on or attached to a driver's licence issued to the person under this section commits an offence.

When you say local driving only, I'm guessing that he is restricted to driving within a certain distance of his home, as this is what I am used to seeing. It is also possible to be subjected to a maximum speed, regardless of the fact that the posted speed might be higher. The only way to know for sure about any of this is to read the conditions listed on the back of the driver's licence.

I would expect other provinces and states to have similar legislation. If so, this would mean that he would be in contravention of the law there should he drive contrary to his licence conditions.

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