Q&A - Driving After Seizures

Q&A ImageA family member had a seizure about a month ago and was told at the time by doctors that he cannot drive. The reason for the seizure was swelling due to brain tumours that have since been treated with drugs and radiation. He was also give some prescription medication that indicated he was not supposed to drive while on it. He is now at the end of his prescription and wondering when he might be able to drive again.

I have read in some places that you cannot legally drive in BC within 6 months of having a seizure. He was told by his doctor that she would re-evaluate his ability to drive after 3 months. So far, no one has suggested taking his license away. I was just wondering if there is a legal answer to this question, or if it up to the doctor's and their recommendations, and the patient's responsibility to follow doctor's orders.

Any clarity would be appreciated.


BC Guide in Determining Fitness to Drive

The Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles publishes the BC Guide in Determining Fitness to Drive, and the 2010 edition is available on line at the Ministry of Justice web site.

There are a number of topics related to seizures, but from your description the one on private and commercial drivers with provoked seizures caused by a structural brain abnormality appears to hold the answers to your question. It appears that the physician wants to see what happens to your family member when his prescription expires and feels that a 3 month period is appropriate. Following that 3 month period, if the physician is confident that there will be no further seizures driving may resume.

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