Q&A - Driving with out of country driver's licence

Q&A ImageMy sister will be coming to Vancouver to visit me from Serbia. She has a valid Serbian driving license, but no insurance (she currently doesn’t own a car). I have a valid BC (ICBC) insurance on my vehicle, and a valid BC driver’s license. Will she be able to drive my car? Does she need to buy some additional insurance for driving my car, or will my insurance cover any damage in case of an accident?

Yes, your sister can drive your vehicle with a valid Serbian driver's licence. She should consider obtaining an International Driving Permit, but it is optional.

As for being insured, that is something that you would have to discuss with your insurance provider, whether it is ICBC, a private insurer or both. Remember too that if she should cause a collision while driving your vehicle, you can be held responsible for it. Loaning your vehicle to visitors is discussed in this article.