Q&A - Prohibition Review

New Driver Signs 2011So I recently got my letter from the superintendent informing me of my unsatisfactory driving record, and that I will be prohibited from driving for 3 months. My first speeding ticket was on April 28th 2014 going 70~km/h in a 60km zone and my second was on Dec 24th, 2014. For my second ticket I was caught going 89km/h in a 50km zone. My 2nd ticket was almost an excessive speed but the area before the 50km zone is a 70km zone with a small transition in between, I wasn't aware of where the transition ended; however, I know I should've been slowed down way before the transition anyways.

Anyways, I could've taken my Class 5 test March 30th (Just TWO months away) but my prohibiton letter arrived today(January 26th) and is for 3 months. Since I have my N I understand that I will have to restart my 2 years of driving without a prohibiton. However, I was wondering what my chances would be if I applied for a review to get it lifted. I'm currently a full time college student who works part time on the weekends. My job requires me to drive and if I can't drive then I cannot work. I NEED to work as much as I can so that I can pay for my schooling and cannot afford to lose out on 3 months of work.

If I had realized sooner I would've disputed my second ticket since disputing takes a long time to get resolved and I would've been able to take my class 5 test before it would've been dealt with. But I didn't and now must consider applying for a review.

I just want to know what my chances of getting a 3month prohibiton revoked for an N driver is, because it costs $100 to send in an application and I don't want to spend the money if my chances are low. If there is a good chance I could get it lifted what kind of information should I include that would increase my odds?

I only have knowledge of two instances of your situation. In both cases the person responded in writing to the Superintendent's notice of intent. They were able to have the period of their prohibition reduced from 3 months to 2 months. I suspect from this that you will be unable to completely avoid a prohibition.

I don't know what they put in their responses, but you can't go wrong with an apology, a promise to try harder and an explanation of why the prohibition would be a hardship.

Unfortunately you are not eligible or I would suggest that you go to your local driver service center and see if you can camp out in their waiting area and be available to fill in for a no show and get your class 5 before the prohibition kicks in. That might be the only way to keep your licence because the Superintendent generally doesn't prohibit class 5 drivers for two speeding tickets.