PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Inadequate Trailer Hitch

cameraHere is an example of how not to attach a trailer to a vehicle found on Highway 4 near Port Alberni. The connection for the breakaway brake is the cable dangling at the center of the picture. The end of this cable should be attached to the towing vehicle somewhere other than to the hitch itself, and definitely not to the safety chain. The aim of this device is to apply the trailer brakes in the event of the trailer accidentally disconnecting from the vehicle.

Having an inadequate breakaway brake is a $138 fine under Division 6 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. The trailer could also be ordered to be removed from the highway immediately until the brake is connected and capable of working properly.

The safety chains shown here are inadequate as well. If the hitch disconnects, the "S" shaped hooks on the end of the safety chains would straighten out and do nothing to keep the trailer attached to the vehicle. At the very least these chains should have been looped through the eyes and the "S" hooks used to attach the end back to the safety chain to close the loop. More properly a Quick Link with a threaded closure or something similar should have been used to attach the chain to itself after looping through the eyes.

Having an inadequate auxiliary coupling device is an $109 fine under Division 7 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. Again, the trailer could be ordered to be removed from the highway immediately until the safety chains are adequate.

unsafe trailer connection