Q&A - Driver's Window Winder

Q&A ImageI was pulled over today for no reason and after a long wait the officer gave me a Motor Vehicle Act infraction warning because my driver side window doesn't roll down. I have looked and I can not find this in the Motor Vehicle Act, is this really an infraction?


The Officer is Correct

The rule that you are referring to is in the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, the Schedule to Division 7:

Left window riser

10 The left front window shall be capable of being readily opened and closed to facilitate manual signals.

Manual signals?

theres a law that should be changed.

3 guesses as to the only hand signals I've ever seen a fellow driver use.

maybe it should be changed to...readily opened and closed to facilitate Communicating with law enforcement, and ordering fast food.


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No reason?

I was pulled over today for no reason.

Seriously, you expect us to believe this?

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