Q&A - HID Conversion Problems

Q&A ImageI currently drive a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee and was pulled over and given a notice of order for a VI. I have aftermarket hid headlights(6000k) the officer who pulled me over stated " hid's are illegal in Canada" later in the conversation he  contradicted himself and stated "hid's are illegal in Canada if they are in a halogen lense rather than a projector lense because halogens do not dispurse the light properly" I'm wanting to get my car back on the road ASAP as well as keep it on the road.

What is the real law? I purchased these lights with the understanding that as long as there 6000k they were legal. I'm hoping to just have to buy new lenses as I dot want to of wasted money and I also feel safer being able to see the road in front of me. Halogens allow me to see but not as good. I hope I can get clear understanding of the laws in BC In regards to hids.


Clarification Needed

I asked about a few things missing or unclear in the original post. I learned the following:

  • I know they [the bulbs] are long and skinny and don't look normal, and are running off 35w ballasts. Also it has single headlights (low beam/beam) and I did make sure to get the hid kit with both and hi and low beam.
  • the company i got them from looks like they ordered them from a website. I can't find to much detail for them online but can email and get answers about them. What specifics do I need to know?
  • Now when looking into new lenses which lenses am I looking for? The officer said "projector lenses" is that all I need or do they need a special certification as well? And once they are in the new lenses they would be legal?

So, this gentleman has taken filament bulbs out of his exisiting headlight housings and replaced them with high intensity discharge capsules. This is not allowed, capsules go in housings designed for them and filament bulbs go in housings designed for them. Mixing and matching results in changes in aim and glare for oncoming drivers.

Halogen bulbs are identified with an H, such as H1 or H9007 and they fit in housings marked with a corresponding HR on North American lamps and HCR on European ones. HID capsules are marked with a D, such as D1R or D1S and go into corresponding housings with an HG marking on North American equipment and DC, DR or DCR on European.

A quick look at the terms and conditions of purchase on the web site where the kits were purchased finds the following:


Some of the products offered by Ultimate HID Kits are for competition, show or off-road use only. It is your responsibility to comply with all local laws and regulations.

I suspect that most purchasers don't get this far into the site and there is no indication on any of the product pages to advise if the item is approved or not for use on the highway. So, now he is left with a $200 purchase that he cannot use and a vehicle inspection that he must take time to attend and pay for.

that explains things

why so many cars on the road today blind oncoming drivers with their bright lights. even so,there are many OEM lights that do the same, likely due to misalignment or who knows what else. personally, i'd like to see thse lights banned.

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