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Q&A ImageI have been issued a notice and order box 3 for my tinted tail lights. It is just spray paint and the notice says "Replace tinted tail lights". I'm not going to do it, they are OEM factory tail lights...

There are no boxes filled out on the description of the defect portion of the ticket.

My questions are where do I hand this ticket in and is this really that serious?

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I'm Not Going To Do It!

That's probably not the best choice to make in the circumstances. Firstly, you are just asking for further problems with law enforcement and you could end up in a collision caused by your cosmetic "improvement." If the latter happens, be prepared for financial grief at the least and injury as well.

The Law

There are two sections of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations that apply to your situation:

4.02 (2) A vehicle on a highway must be equipped with lamps equivalent to those provided by the original manufacturer in accordance with the requirements that applied under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada), or a predecessor to that Act, at the time of vehicle manufacture.

4.04 (2) Lamps and reflectors required by this Division

(c) must not be shielded, covered or obscured by any part of the vehicle or load or by dirt or other material.

Your rear tail light lenses ceased to be proper OEM lenses when you tinted them. If you cannot remove the tint without damaging the lenses, you will have to replace them.

Notice & Order #3

The Notice can be handed in at any police office once you have corrected the problem unless the officer has specified otherwise on the order itself.

Ignoring a notice and order number 3 can have serious consequences. I've written an article on box 3 orders on this site.

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