Unsafe Headlight Conversions

HID HeadlightsCould you perhaps comment on poorly focused hi intensity illegal conversions done to forward lighting on vehicles asks a reader. He has had many of his friends comment on how newer vehicles with hi tech headlights have made night driving uncomfortable and unsafe for them. I've noticed that some of these conversions are also difficult to look at during the day as well.

All of the components of the lighting system must be marked by the manufacturer to show that they meet standards. For headlights with filaments, you will find a North American SAE code or a European E code on the lens that starts with an H. The filament bulbs meant for use in these headlight housings will also start with an H. The newer gas discharge headlights similarly start with a D.

It is both dangerous and illegal to mix these, and the most common conversion is to put a D type discharge capsule into an H type housing. This results in significant glare for other road users because the housings can no longer focus the light from the lamp properly. It also means the loss of ability to switch between high and low beam for vehicles with only one headlight on each side.

Beware! Some "good deals" on eBay and through less scrupulous suppliers are marked with SAE, DOT or E markings but are counterfeit and do not do the intended job properly. Inspection facilities have reference material to help the inspector determine if a "fake" is being used and when they are found the vehicle must be failed. This effectively removes the vehicle from the road until satisfactory repairs are carried out.

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I agree some of these lights

I agree some of these lights are as bright as hi beams and they are blinding. This is especially true on BCs rural hwys where there is no street lighting. There should be more regulation vehicles should be taken off the road until fixed or even adjusted properly. Super bright headlights are even more dangerous in low visability situations such as rain or snow when it is already difficult to see the roadways.

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