RESOURCE - BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Service Plan

TranBC logo"The Ministry’s priorities include improving vital rural and urban infrastructure, investing in public transit, cycling infrastructure and other green modes of transportation, reducing transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening the economy through the movement of people and goods."

Goal 1: Invest in rural and urban infrastructure improvements that help build a strong, sustainable economy.

Objective 1.1: Use Provincial investment dollars effectively to complete priority projects on budget and on time

Goal 2: Improve transportation network efficiency to provide British Columbians with safe and reliable access to the services they depend on.

Objective 2.1: Improve highway safety and reliability

Objective 2.2: Ensure a high standard of provincial highway rehabilitation and maintenance

Objective 2.3: Provide excellent service to all British Columbians

Goal 3: Invest in transportation options that enhance network efficiency and support climate change objectives.

Objective 3.1: Support local economies and communities through the continued development of a multi-modal transportation system

Objective 3.2: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector


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