Q&A - Alberta Interlock Transfer

Counter Attack LogoHello, Just wondering, If i am currently on the Alberta Interlock Program to get my full license back. Am i able to switch to a BC License and continue on with my program? I have moved here and was told I have 90 days to switch over my license however I am not going to be done my Alberta Interlock Program within that time.



Neither ICBC (our provincial driver's licence issuer) nor Road Safety BC (administer the ignition interlock program) seem to have any information on their web sites covering this topic.

Since ICBC is likely your first point of contact in the change over process, I have e-mailed them and asked what the procedure is. When they respond I will update this answer.

Thank You

OK great thank you I couldn't find an answer either which is why I came here 


In response to your query, any outstanding requirements in Alberta will be honoured when applying for a driver’s licence in B.C.

We recommend having the driver contact our Client Services Team at 1-855-387-7747 (250-356-6573 in Victoria) to discuss what would be required to licence in B.C..

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm PST.

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