Drinking and Driving

Keys and DrinkWhoosh! Here comes a car overtaking my cruiser at 144 km/h in the posted 110 km/h zone. It's dark at 11:30 pm and at that speed, any animal or object on the road won't be identified in time and a collision is almost sure to occur. This is only the beginning of the story.

"Sir, may I have your licence and registration please?" Sniff, sniff. "How much alcohol have you had to drink today sir?" "One beer is all I had" was the reply.

The roadside screening device said otherwise though. The driver blew a warn, meaning that his blood alcohol level was between 50 and 99 mg%. He was issued a speeding ticket and a 24 hour suspension.

"Can the passenger drive? He's sober." "Sure, but you won't mind volunteering a sample, no strings attached, to show me that you are sober, would you?" He does, and he blows a warn as well.

"But I haven't had anything to drink!" "Sir, the device measures alcohol. It won't read anything unless you have been drinking." "Well, I had a glass of wine with dinner, but it's not like I drank a case of beer or anything."

I'm a breath testing technician. I know that for these two men to register a warn it takes more than one beer or one glass of wine. The driver was lying to me and the passenger doesn't know the difference between impaired and drunk.

I don't want to share the highway with either one of them. The bottom line here is still if you drink, don't drive, and if you drive, don't drink. Simple.

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