Drinking and Driving Zero Tolerance

Keys and DrinkIt's not yet zero tolerance for all drivers, but the B.C. government has enacted the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) program, reducing the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold for sanctions from 80 mg% to 50 mg%.

In addition, the federal government implemented mandatory alcohol screening for any driver in December 2018.

The IRP is much easier for police to administer and I suspect that caused a significant drop in the number of criminal code impaired driving charges.

There have been more than 2,800 IRPs issued in B.C. between January and March, 2021 and ICBC reports that impaired driving is a factor in between 20 and 25% of collisions.

Using alcohol helps drivers make poor decisions. Of course, the decision of importance to us all is "do I drive, or have I had too much?" This is a decision that should be simple, if you drink don't drive, and the law should reinforce that.

Zero Tolerance for Drinking & Driving

Zero Tolerance for New Drivers

The Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) for new drivers requires exactly that, a zero BAC. If you drive after consuming any alcohol, you will be prohibited from driving for 12 hours if caught. Should your BAC be over 50 mg% you will be treated like all other drivers and once this information reaches the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, GLP drivers can expect to receive another prohibition.

Should be Zero Tolerance for ALL Drivers

It is past time to extend the GLP rules to all drivers. This will help eliminate the possibility of a bad decision because it would now be "I had a drink, I can't drive" instead of "do I drive, or have I had too much?"

More Than Zero but Less Than 50

Perhaps there should be a traffic ticket, complete with penalty points, for driving with a measurable BAC before the 50 mg% threshold is reached. Currently a non-GLP driver faces no sanction at all until their BAC reaches 50 mg%.

Is a Low BAC Risky?

Is a driver traveling at 20 km/h over the speed limit a greater risk than a driver with a BAC of 40 mg%? The University of Michigan Health suggests that having a 20 mg% BAC will result in a decline in visual function, the inability to perform two tasks at the same time, a loss of judgment and altered mood.

The speeder gets a ticket and the 40 mg% driver goes free today unless their impairment causes them to violate a driving rule. In that case, they would be ticketed for the rule violation.

Ignition Interlocks on New Vehicles

Ignition interlock devices could be mandatory equipment for new vehicles and some countries are currently considering requiring auto makers to do this. An Australian cost-benefit analysis found the following:

Overall, it was concluded that due to the investigated interlock's user friendliness and relative affordability in comparison to other interlocks, the device should be considered as a countermeasure for curbing the drink driving problem in Australia.

Support the Effort Against Drinking & Driving

If you are concerned about impaired driving, please support your local anti drinking and driving public interest group such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Together we can make a difference!

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Today, I explained to my Grandson, that the city of Courtenay used to have a large decorated Christmas tree in the middle of Fifth street. The Mayor of the day, had a few drinks and ran into it. My Grandson asked if he was fired . I said no. It was not socially unacceptable to drink and drive in the 1950's. Previously the manager of the radio station hit the tree under similar circumstances. No more tree but people still drink and drive, 60 years later.

Now it is not socially acceptable, but many drive impaired by alcohol and drugs. Both now legal And available in Government approved outlets. One in every neighbour hood.

Hopefully the Grandson will keep his attitude that an elected official should be fired for being convicted of drunk driving or causing an accident with alcohol. Going political here with Gordon Campbells conviction in 2004 in the U.S. not only kept his job but was appointed by Harper as Canada's High Commissioner to the U.K. and Northern Ireland.

Shows what little regard our Politicians have towards drinking and driving. Or as pointed out in the article driving drunk is not as serious as a few klicks over the speed limit.