Q&A - View Obstructed by Fences and Foliage

Q&A ImageWe have too many "blind" corners in our communities. I have had and seen many "near misses" because drivers cannot see around trees and shrubbery when attempting to  turn onto a street. It is often impossible to see oncoming traffic; a case in point being at the corner of McDonald Ave. and Back  Road where growth of grass, weeds etc force drivers to pull out too far  in order to see oncoming traffic. Many 4-way stops in Comox have  hedges and trees growing --sometimes blocking the Stop signs entirely. Property owners should be told  when their bushes and trees pose a hazard to visibility  and perhaps be asked to trim them, or  have the city do it.



Generally these issues are solved through a bylaw. I had a quick look at both the Courtenay and Comox municipal web sites and was able to find the Public Nuisance and Property Maintenance bylaw for Comox. Courtenay has only made a subset of their bylaws available, but I would be surprised if they did not have something similar.

If the obstruction is from someone's property, the bylaw can be used as a remedy. When it is growing from / situated on the boulevard, then it is the municipality's responsibility. The best way to deal with this is likely to write a letter to the municipality so that a record exists of the request. If no action is taken, you may wish to follow up and send a copy of the follow up to ICBC. I doubt very much that the municipality would wish to expose themselves to liability for failing to take action and this might be enough to have a genuine problem remedied.

The same process works with provincial highways. In that case though, the authority to advise is the road maintenance contractor with a copy to the district office of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

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