Q&A - Vehicle Impound Periods

Q&A ImageMy question to you is, why was I charged for 9 days storage and my vehicle held for 8 days for a 7 day impoundment? The law under the MVA is very clearly stated in Para 253(2) and Para 251(1)(e).

I called the towing company on the 7th day and they said I could only get my vehicle back on the 9th day.

On the back of the form you were given at the time of impoundment is your answer. It says:


Vehicle impoundment terms are calculated in full days. Partial days, including the day the vehicle was impounded do not count.

This does amount to 9 days in total for the part day on the day the vehicle was impounded and the part day following the midnight expiration of the 7 full days. Since the towing company had custody of (and responsibility for) your vehicle, it is normal that they should expect to be paid for it.