RESOURCE - 15 Passenger Van Operation

ReThink LogoThis 17 page document from the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators examines safety in three key areas of the operation of 15 passenger vans: personal use, commercial use and the transportation of students. Much of the information that it contains should already be common practice for all drivers. Review is critically important because these vehicles are not as forgiving of negligence or mistakes as normal passenger vehicles may be.


... well, somehow or other I seem to have managed to keep the shiny side up with my 2012 Econoline E-350 LWB. I just bought new all-weather tires for it last week, having worn out the last set.

But after 50 years of manufacture, Ford quit making this vehicle after the 2013 model year.

No doubt about it, the more recent offerings from both Ford and Mercedes are much better set up, in terms of keeping the centre of gravity low. Much safer for the white van man (or woman) to be running around in. Especially if they don't understand the physics of what's going on with a vehicle, particularly in wintertime.