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RATING - The World's Best Drivers

Driver of the YearCompare the Market is an Australian firm that makes comparisons for consumers to help them purchase products and save money. One area covers car insurance products and that division has identified the world's best drivers using a variety of factors, including blood alcohol allowance limits, the quality of roads, and the number of deaths caused by road traffic.

Are Dashcams Legal in BC?

many dashcams look like this oneI have a question about the dash cam that I use while driving around in Vancouver every day. I see a lot of "interesting" driving, if you know what I mean. That said, I am wondering if I am breaking any privacy laws. Either way, could a police officer use my video to give the driver a ticket?

Yellow Ribbons Mean The Crash Has Been Checked

Car in DitchWhen winter weather turned bad suddenly I would often find my shift was a busy one, driving from vehicle to vehicle in the ditch at the side of the road. Of course, we were obligated to check collisions and insure that no one was hurt but in this situation manpower often did not match the number of incidents reported. The situation was made worse by repeated reports of the same vehicle with a different description and location.

WEBSITE - Slow Streets

Slow Streets LogoSlow Streets is a Vancouver based urban planning and design group. Their website features the biography of Darren Proulx who describes himself as a plangineer of places, active transportation and tactical urbanism to create great cities for people. The group's position is that "A street is more than simply about moving automobiles. Reconsidering the use of streets can achieve significant and positive impacts for cities."