Q&A - Doctor's Fees for Medical Reports

Q&A ImageAs we approach 80 we get a notification from ICBC to book an appointment with our GP to review our health issues and to see if we are still able to drive.

Here is my complaint.

This notification comes at the same time of year as my physical (now every two years as you get older!) I had my physical and a week later I am called back in for a half hour assessment for ICBC appointment. My Dr. referred to my physical results and said everything was OKAY and approved the ICBC document in less that 5 minutes!. His fee for this was 125.00.

Here's my gripe.

I would like to see ICBC set a flat fee for doctors to charge for this examination.

I am getting through the grapevine from other seniors that their doctor has done a NO CHARGE when the visit if close to their physical appointment time to fees for this ICBC appointment from 85.00 and up to 200. from other physicians.

How do I relay this to ICBC to recommend a flat fee to Doctors for this required appointment that must be done every two years starting at 80?



Reports like this one actually involve RoadSafetyBC and not ICBC. Their contact information is shown on the page linked in the previous sentence.

Fees for this are set by the doctors themselves and they may or many not choose to follow the fee suggestions of the BC Medical Association. Their published schedule currently recommends $197 for the service.

Since RoadSafetyBC is a government agency, you could also choose to discuss the situation with your MLA.

Worth noting, also ...

... is that when issuing a Driver Medical form, ICBC employees will almost invariably recommend that a person use their own GP, rather than a walk-in clinic, as being most likely to provide the service at a reasonable price.

The $200 charged by that gentleman's physician is not reasonable, in my opinion - but that isn't ICBC's problem.

It's also worth noting that ICBC do not charge seniors for Knowledge tests or Road Tests, and also offer them a discounted rate for BCID cards.

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