Eye Catching or Eyesore?

Scrap Car"Cash for Scrap Vehicles" reads the slogan spray painted on the side of a brightly coloured rust bucket parked precariously on the bank between a fence and the side street. It is visible from the main highway as you drive by and if you look carefully at it you can also see the telephone number to call to take advantage of the service.

Whoever came up with the idea no doubt thought that it was a good one as this vehicle is certainly eye catching, or is it an eyesore? I suppose that would depend on your point of view.

The Motor Vehicle Act says that one must not stop, stand or park a vehicle on a highway for the principal purpose of displaying a vehicle for sale, advertising, greasing, painting, wrecking, storing or repairing a vehicle (unless repairs are necessitated by an emergency), displaying signs, or selling flowers, fruit, vegetables, sea foods or other commodities or articles.

The Minister of Transportation may choose to exempt people from these and other prohibitions in provincial legislation under the authority of the Transportation Act. This means applying for and receiving a permit from the provincial government before proceeding.

The vehicle was on the highway right of way between the property line of the adjacent home and the pavement. Since it was unattended, the police may remove the vehicle and have it taken to and stored at a suitable location, more commonly known as a towing compound. Costs incurred to do this are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

While this situation is an odd one, parking vehicles at the side of the highway with for sale signs displayed is a common occurrence. One of my supervisors would spot one on his way to work and detail the first constable he found to see that it was removed. We would generally call the telephone number on the for sale sign if it was not a repeat offender and advise the person that answered to remove the vehicle.

Repeat offenders and those who did not heed the call were towed.


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