Q&A - Bylaw Ticket for No Valid Licence Plate

Q&A ImageI have received a City of Richmond bylaw ticket for parking my car on the street adjacent to my driveway without displaying  a valid licence plate or decal. (by law 5870 section 12.4(t)).   I have storage insurance on the car but i had to hand in the licence plates when i cancelled the regular insurance. Should i pay it, ignore it  or do i stand a chance if i fight it? Since there was no licence plate would the city know the owners details through the VIN? I do have valid storage insurance and it was parked right beside my driveway.  The ticket is for  on the $70.



I had a look at Richmond's Traffic Bylaw 5870.

12.4 No person shall park a vehicle:

(t) on any highway without displaying proper or valid number plates, including a valid validation decal;

Since you didn't have valid plates attached you are in contravention of the bylaw. I'm sure that the bylaw officer would have recorded the VIN as part of his notes and would be able to obtain registered owner information from ICBC to identify you. Can you fight it? Yes. Can you win? Well, I'll leave that to you to decide.

Storage insurance is good, but it is not for storage on a highway and you may wish to read the terms of insurance. No point in having a claim denied for non-compliance.

In a way, you were dealt with lightly as the vehicle could have been towed as well.

We had a similiar situation

We had a similiar situation to this. There was a car that had been in an accident and the owner, I guess in the process of doing something about it, had left it parked on the street out front of his house. It sat there for almost a month, with active insurance on it. I was worried that one of my kids, while riding around might fall or catch one of the sharp edges now protruding from the car as a result of the crash.

I contacted the city and they sent somebody out to look at it and deemed it still allowable to be on the road. Because it had active insurance the state of the vehicle wasn't a concern. I ended up going over and talking to the neighbor, who then ended up parking it in his yard.

Plates good -- No plates -- no roadway.

Just trying to get everybody Safely to their destinations!!

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