Q&A - City of Surrey Parking Rules

no parking signI was just wondering about parking rules, as my family and any visitors to my home have been hassled by city parking enforcement about parking too close to an intersection. A family member and a caretaker of my grandmother would have been ticketed so far if they had not run out to speak to the officers.

I live in a neighbourhood with longer curved sidewalks at intersections. Parking enforcement officers are saying that we are not to park 6 meters from the intersection. However, they are starting to measure at the marked "Water AOS", which is positioned ~43cm inwards of the sidewalk edge and ~23cm away from the nearest drainage towards the crosswalk. This "Water AOS" is already just under 6 meters from the approaching side of the crosswalk of the intersection.

On observation, no other cars in the immediate vicinity are being ticketed or monitored for improper parking, sometimes even within 6 meters from the approach side of the nearest crosswalk.

We are very confused about this situation. Does this have to do with this marked small "Water AOS"?


Distance from the Intersection

I would expect that we are dealing with Surrey Bylaw 13007 which regulates traffic, parking and the use of highways, boulevards, sidewalks and public land.

Where Parking Prohibited

69. Except when necessary to avoid conflict with traffic or to comply with the law or the directions of a Peace Officer, By-law Enforcement Officer or traffic control device, a person shall not stop, stand or park a vehicle:

(17) within six metres of the end of curb return at an intersection;

A curb return is a curved section of a curb located at a corner of an intersection, connecting a curb on one street to another curb on the intersecting street.

So, once the curve of the curb return ends, you must measure back 6m (about 20 feet) to find the limit before an area where parking is allowed can begin. I don't know where "Water AOS" fits into this, nor do I know what the acronym AOS means. It is not mentioned in the bylaw so it would not apply in any measurement.

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