DO SOMETHING! (But Don't Ask Me to Help)

Q&A ImageI just phoned Abbotsford police about a driver of a Nissan GTR license plate 735-TRB that passed me at about 160 kmh on Riverside road. They say there is nothing I can do to report unless I am willing to go to court. I have a life and work and am not making my wages for the day if I to go to court. Is there no way that information on this driver can be carried forward in case of any future infractions actually witnessed by the police? I thought there was a reporting form for ICBC, if there is it is definitely not clear on their website.



I've written about making a driving complaint to police already. Check it out to learn what level of your involvement will produce in the way of results. Abbotsford PD was right, without you in court the worst that they can do is send a warning letter to the registered owner.

This information is essentially useless in future encounters with police except perhaps for the officer to make note of and reconsider issuing a warning for bad driving. Since no investigation was done because you did not participate, they don't know who the driver was so who does the information really apply to?

ICBC isn't interested in this information either, except perhaps in relation to a collision if the driving behaviour led up to one and it was one of the behaviours the law allows them to deny a claim for.

In short, if you aren't willing to get involved, nothing of any consequence will happen to the driver.

To Anonymous

Today or in the near future,say that nissan you did,nt report,because you can,t take a few minutes of your precious time,Kills someone you know,or maybe one of your familly members,anyone for that matter.

Take a moment to concider your unaction,,,,,Now take a moment to concider how you might feel now,,,,,I am betting that you would do anything to turn back time NOW! And that now you wished you had taken a few minutes of your time,as this may have ultimitlly saved a life.I am thinking that you might have trouble living with yourself.

Don,t confuse this to me thinking that every little thing wrong you see you must report,as then you midaswell become an enforcment officer,I am talking this is by how you explained it,an Excceive Case,The extreme end of the scale.Obviosly the driver you saw has little or no respect for human life driving like that in traffic.And action should be taken.

You might want to reconcider taking those few minutes to persue this matter VS someone that now is dead and leaving family and friends with life altering effects that will last longer than your few precious minutes it will take to follow up on what you witnessed.

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