Q&A - Told to dispute ticket by cop??

Q&A ImageI just moved here from Manitoba and have already got my first BC speeding ticket! I was on my motorcycle on the Trans Canada in the construction zones. I was riding behind another motorbike at about 7 car lengths behind him when we passed the cop.

At that moment I looked down and was around 107 with cars on the road passing us, the cop throws on his lights and I slow and pull to the side to let him go after the lead bike.

He then tells me through his speaker to pull over to the left. We then start the whole do you know how fast you were going process.

I answered honestly and told the officer I was likely doing 110 as that seemed to be the safe flow of traffic. He responds with buddy was clocked at 115 and I was with him and I was the one that stopped.

I did not argue at all and found the officer to be very good, but still came out of it with a ticket instead of the warning I was wishing for. I ended up getting a speeding against highway sign for $138.

I again expressed maybe a warning would be better.

He said since I have a class 1 and clean record I should go to court and dispute the ticket.

I questioned how I could dispute because I did admit to the speeding?

He said I can't tell you to dispute it, but I am wink wink. Told me he still gets paid to go to court and we will work something out.

What does this mean and what should I expect at court?

When I went to the DMV to dispute ticket the lady said oh yea he won't be attending court.

I thought even if the officer doesn't show you can still be prosecuted.


My Thoughts

I think that you ended up being dealt with by an immature officer if the situation is exactly as you told it. If you are not willing to fully stand behind a ticket that you have written, you have no business having written the ticket in the first place.

The nudge, nudge, wink, wink routine disturbs me even further. He gets overtime and you get nothing. If he shows for court and you are convicted, you already have the lowest fine possible and you lose the discount for early payment.

The courts can do nothing about the points either, if you pay or are convicted, you get the points.

It appears that he had the grounds to issue the ticket, but the court business doesn't help you, enriches him and causes issues with the courts, costing us all money.

You may wish to consider a formal complaint.

A Warning Would Have Been Better

Yea, I kinda thought the same thing that a warning would have been better if he didn't think I deserved the ticket.

I questioned about why when there was cars that were going faster then us why I would have been pulled over and he said he could hear us coming and the ticket could be worse.

On the distputing the ticket I asked a few times on how I would dispute the ticket when I was speeding? Doesn't make any sense, still don't know what will hapen with this when I arrive at court.

I mean I can't just go to court and say well the cop told me to dispute so here I am.

If he doesnt show up for court does the ticket get dismissed? Can he just dismiss the ticket at the couthouse before it goes to court?

Yes to Both

If he doesn't show up for court, the ticket will be dismissed, and yes, he can choose to dismiss the ticket at the courthouse.

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