VIEWPOINT - Police Should Fight Crime

SoapboxFirst off no disrespect to any police I have a problem when day in day out police are pulling people over for traffic violations and road blocks etc but there are so much crime going on in B.C city's and town's and not to mention police corruption and getting caught for what ever it might be petty or not but we as tax payers pay large amounts of money each year to keep us all safe and for the R.C.M.P up hold the law's but I have yet to see a decline in Crime and Criminals walking our streets but I sure notice the incline in Traffic violations I mean police are handing tickets out like candy and it's getting to be too much and don't get me wrong im not complaining about police im just not satisfied about there tactics because more and more us hard working Canadians are having to pay these dam traffic violations so just some food for thought we all need to start opening our eye's.


No Disrespect Taken

You've just expressed your opinion, and I hope with my reply I can change it somewhat.

First of all, you are more likely to suffer financial loss, personal injury or death through the operation of a motor vehicle than you are from all the other criminal actions combined.

If you happen to be in the under 24 age group, your primary cause of death in BC is a motor vehicle collision.

Police cannot "hand out tickets like candy" unless drivers choose to disobey the rules. You always have the choice of following the rules and leaving the police to deal with someone else.

Do you buy car insurance? 80% of what you pay each year is spent by ICBC to cover direct expenses from crashes. Think of how nice it would be if there were no crashes and you could keep that money to spend on something else.

Very few criminals get around by a means other than driving, as we all do. Chase enough traffic violators and sooner or later you begin catching the criminals occupying those vehicles.

Are your eyes opening a bit?

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